My Vision on Humankind Candles

My Vision on Humankind Candles



My name is Sam and I am the creator of Humankind candles. I started this small business after enduring many long hours in the corporate workforce, and felt that candles were the best way for me to relax after a long day. I incorporated candles in my self care and cleaning routine.


The Why

I created dual scented candles that reflect the duality of the human condition. The top scents are usually lighter, and the bottom scents are heavier, with the exception of “Love and Loss”. I often think about human feelings being transitory, and bouncing between two extremes. I also wanted to create a candle company that enabled people to get better value out of their money - essentially, you are getting two different candles in one with Humankind candles. Just like getting two flavours of ice cream in one cone.


The How

Each month the first 100 orders will get an original piece of artwork - this could come in the form of a photograph, postcard, mini sculpture, painting, or linoleum print made by me. The artwork will be released publicly at the end of each month.


The What

By purchasing from me instead of large corporations, you’ll get a candle that is:

  • Made with care - I have quality tested each and every candle for scent throw and burn time. I use a unique and secret blend of soy and coconut wax to ensure you get the longest burn possible.
  • Supports the small-maker economy - I support the local economy by buying supplies from other small businesses in Toronto.
  • Contains only natural ingredients - I only use three natural and safe ingredients: soy wax, coconut oil, and fragrance oil. All of our fragrances are phalate and paraben free. This means they’re also safe to use around your pets.
  • Sustainable - I use kraft boxes and crinkle cut paper, without any dyes. I’m working to reduce my use of plastic throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Has great customer service - I give you my full attention for your feedback, instead of a bot. Humankind means human service.

I put a great amount of care into the candles I make. I hope that you’ll enjoy them. Humankind candles are for you.



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