Case Study: FarCon 2024 (Crowdfunded Wholesale Order)

Case Study: FarCon 2024 (Crowdfunded Wholesale Order)


A community I've been deeply involved in is Farcaster, a decentralized social network. This year, FarCon 2024 (their decentralized yearly conference) was held in LA and I had the opportunity to make custom candles for the conference. This year was their largest conference with over 400+ people in attendance. 

I started with launching a crowdfunding campaign via Fabric. The reason I did a crowdfunding campaign was because I wanted to be able to validate my product without the help or budget constraints of the conference.  

This involved a bit of planning - setting up logistics, the draft of the text of the campaign, and previous customer testimonials. After campaigning for a month, I was able to successful exceed my goal of crowdfunding $6000+ and FarCandles were began production. 

The Process

I first provided a schedule to my customers as to what they could expect from production: 

In Week 1 I posted some 3 vessels as a sample and asked customers to emoji vote on which one they liked the best. I also ordered a variety of scents for them to pick from. 

The next week, I came up with some dielines for the packaging using photos from an artist usersteen.eth

In week 3, I recieved the fragrance samples and begun testing. I tested the samples live on unlonely, and inspected all vessels that came in. 

Packaging samples came in - but unfortunately the didn't fit the vessels at all! Do you see the gap at the top? So I had to pivot to cylindrical packaging instead and put usersteen's art on the labels. Here are the samples of the labels, packaging and the final product at the end. 

Then came candle making and testing. You always have to test your wicks to ensure that they burn well and safely. See how I labeled large and medium wicks. 

After all my tests were done, I was able to begin production on a lot of candles! 

The Event 

After all was said and done, here is me and my friend Ina at FarCon. Ina is selling tea from Japan (which was so fresh and delicious) and I was making sure my customers got their candles. 


Customer Love and Testimonials 

Sam's candles are by far the highest quality candles I've ever used. Their FarCon candle I purchased still hasn't reached halfway and I've lit it multiple times per week since I got it 2 months ago! The scent is probably the most delicious thing I've ever smelled, and on super hot days sometimes I even get a whiff of it just walking by. You may think "holy cow, those sound amazing" - but they get even better! Sam involves you in their entire candle making process and you get to learn so much about what goes into everything, including how to properly light your candle and make it last as long as possible. Humankind candles (and Sam) are the best - full stop. - Erica, a Farcon Organizer 

It's lit 🔥 - Jason 

Samantha, these smell amazing - Colin 

I love the paper wick and how it stays upright. I use a candle warmer so string wicks get lost instantly. With a warmer you have to pour out the wax once the layer of fragrance is done. But now I can just light it up normally and get even more out of it! - Ammelanolueca

I finally got my candle and I love it! @samantha it smells lovely, the CMF is amazing! It may my day🖖🏼 Thank you!! - Estella 

this is the best looking and smelling candle ever. thank you @samantha!! 😍 - Pugson


Absolutely love the design, presentation, and of course the scent of this candle. Wood wick candles are the best. Will be lighting this tonight. Was great getting to know you while cleaning up the Venice streets at FarCon. Thanks @samantha - Phunk

my wife and i love /humankind candles! thanks @samantha! - Sean


My mom is still in love with the FarCon candle! - Samuel


Special thanks to Jonny for his support during the Fabric Campaign and Ted for giving me the opportunity to make FarCandles. 

Interested in Wholesale? Discover wholesale here. 

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