Candle Care

How long should my tealights last? 

Your tealights should burn for 1-2 hours.They will perform better in smaller spaces, as the fragrance % in a tealight is a low amount. 

I hear some crackling in my tealight when it's lit, and the fire is flickering. 

Sometimes, small air bubbles get trapped the wax while it's being mixed and poured. Continue to burn your tealight as regular and the crackling will go away. This does not affect the burn, smell, or efficacy of the candle. 

I see some white flakes on the top of my tealight. 

This is called frosting. Due to using all natural soy and coco wax, frosting occurs in many of our candles. This does not affect burn, smell, or efficacy of the candle. 

Are these pet and child safe? 

Our fragrances and wax are paraben free phalate free. Unlike other candles that use paraffin wax, we ensure that you are not burning harmful chemicals into the environment. Ensure that your pet or child do not come into contact with the candle and keep it out of reach. 

How long should I burn my candle for each time? 

We recommend you burn your tea lights for at least an hour at a time, before extinguishing the flame. The reason being is the candles have "memories" - the first burn is most important to ensure there is no tunneling in your candle and to create an even wax pool. 

Should I trim the wick? How often? 

You should trim the wick to 1/4 inch each time you use it. 

My tealight is tunneling. How can I stop it from doing so? 

Use a hair dryer to evenly heat the top of the candle, until your wax melt pool is even. 


Retailers/Custom Candles

Do you offer custom candle options?

Yes. Reach out to sam@humankind.place to inquire about the process and MOQ. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing for retailers? 

Yes. Reach out to sam@humankind.place to inquire about the process.


Shipping/Delivery/Refunds (refer to policies)

How long does it take for orders to be delivered? 
Orders take 1-3 business days to be fulfilled. If you input your address into the checkout page, it will give you an accurate delivery date. 

I need these candles within 1-2 days.
We offer overnight and express shipping at the cost of the customer. Reach out to sam@humankind.place to do so. 

I want to return a product. 
Please email sam@humankind.place for a return label for the product and to get your refund. Please state the reason for returning. 


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